Lake Street Dive...Live

Oct 25, 2012

Credit Zach Nugent / NHPR

Schooled in jazz and infatuated with pop… the Brooklyn based band Lake Street Dive came together at the New England Conservatory with a goal to play improvised, avant-garde country music. Think Loretta Lynn meets Ornette Coleman. Yeah, it sounded about as rough as it is to imagine.

Happily, they started covering more accessible music…with their particular twist on sound…and even venue. Here's Lake Street Dive's Drummer Mike Calabrese, bassist Bridget kearney, vocalist Rachael Price, and trumpet-slash-guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson. They will be playing tonight in Portland, Maine at One Longfellow Square, and Saturday the 27th at the Iron Horse in Northhampton, Massachusetts.

Check out the band playing a new song, "Bad Self Portraits" from the studio:

Here's our interview with Lake Street Dive:

And last but not least a YouTube video version of "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oates, which knocked our socks off.