Late Storm to Save White Christmas

Dec 22, 2011


Flakes will start to fly tonight after an unseasonably warm December.

NHPR talked to a National Weather Service forecaster about the probability of a white Christmas.

According to weather data, on any given year there’s at least at 75% chance there will be snow on the ground in New Hampshire Christmas day.

Michael Esker – a forecaster in Gray, Maine – thinks that probability isn’t going to change this year.

A storm will shoot through tonight, leaving just enough snow to frost the state and make things look festive.

Esker: you know those last minute shoppers may want to just keep an eye out and take it slow tomorrow morning because there will be snow on the roads.

A possible storm for Christmas day now looks like it will blow out to sea instead of riding up the New England coast.

So those who think a Christmas isn’t really white unless snow is falling will probably be disappointed.