Locals: Stories from New Hampshire's Small Towns and Growing Cities

Jul 3, 2017

New Hampshire has 221 towns, thirteen cities, 1.3 million residents, and countless stories to tell.

But while many of these tales are what you'd expect from a small community-based state, where one person really can make a difference, don't be fooled: Small-town politics can be just as rough as those in the big city, and new ways aren't always greeted kindly.

Here at NHPR, our reporters have a sharp eye out for these stories; the lovely slices of life, the not-so-lovely, and the local news that doesn't often make headlines. These are the stories that keenly illustrate our state's community life.

Today's show is a special broadcast featuring some of our favorites examples of these stories, and we are joined by the NHPR reporter behind many of them, Todd Bookman.

Listen to the show:

Story Map: Click on the featured towns to hear stories by Todd Bookman, Sean Hurley, and Jason Moon