Manchester's New Police Chief: 'Talk Is Cheap' When It Comes To Funding Drug Treatment

Jul 8, 2015

The new head of the Manchester Police Department is calling on lawmakers to step up when it comes to combating New Hampshire’s heroin epidemic.

Chief Nick Willard says law enforcement is doing everything it can.

“We’ve already seized 27,000 grams of heroin year to date. And that is an extraordinary number. Over $300,000 seized in cash associated with those drug seizures.”

But Willard, who took over as chief just last week, says arrests only go so far. He says what’s really needed is more treatment.

“We need – desperately need – the politicians to find the funding, create the programs, get more involved. Talk is cheap. And all the talk that we’re hearing hasn’t affected change even a little bit.”

New Hampshire ranked last among New England states last year for spending on drug and alcohol services per capita.

That same year, the state saw its highest number of drug overdose deaths ever – more than 300 people.