Mayor Presents Plan to Bring Commuter Rail Service to N.H.

Sep 25, 2017

Credit Photo by Tim Cummins via Flickr Creative Commons

The mayor of Nashua says he will propose a partnership between the city and a private railroad company in order to offer a commuter rail service.

Mayor Jim Donchess on Tuesday will bring forth a proposal to the Board of Aldermen that will enter the city into an agreement with the Boston Surface Railroad Co. The Rhode-Island based company will invest in creating a commuter rail line that connects Bedford and Nashua in New Hampshire to Lowell and Worcester, Massachusetts

The Mayor has been in talks with BSRC since March.

The project would be privately-funded, but the company is looking for support from cities along the proposed route to secure federal loan money.

Nashua would not be on the hook for any of the bill, aside from building and maintaining the actual train station.

This public-private partnership will come up for a vote in the coming weeks. President of the BSRC Vincent Bono says he expects it totake about 4 years to complete once the funding is secured.

Proposed commuter rail line by Boston Surface Railroad Company
Credit BSRC