Morning Shots: Just Like 'The Replacements,' Only With Striped Shirts

Aug 30, 2012

No surprise, but still impressive: mobile content is rising and rising ... and rising. [The Hollywood Reporter]

It's a little hard to believe, but apparently the NFL is going to open its regular season with replacement officials — or at least it says it will. [ESPN] [caution, opens a video]

Speaking of sports, you can catch some highlights of the opening ceremonies for the Paralympics in London. [The Guardian] [caution, also opens a video]

Terrence Malick is his own guy, you could say, and he's apparently cut a bunch of actors from his latest film, To The Wonder, including Rachel Weisz. [Deadline]

Ellen Barkin has a few words about the fact that NBC's Salt Lake City affiliate is declining to show the new comedy, The New Normal, in which she's appearing. [E! Online]

Benedict Cumberbatch is analyzing everyone's motives for getting involved in CBS's Elementary. [The Telegraph]

Campbell's Soup is rolling out some special Andy Warhol cans that will be sold exclusively at Target, so snack on that fact for a while. [AdWeek]

Sure, you read, but do you read enough? In the right way? For the best of reasons? If this is the kind of thing you enjoy worrying about, dive right into this essay about being "promiscuous" with books. [New Yorker]

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