Morning Shots: Spike Lee, Adam Lambert, Spider-Man, Batman, And 'Glee'

Jul 9, 2012

The first of two spectacular reads for this morning: Will Leitch's loose conversation with Spike Lee. [New York Magazine]

The second of two spectacular reads for this morning: Tom Goldstein's fascinating examination of exactly how two major cable networks got the Supreme Court's health care decision wrong — and how, incidentally, a lot of other outlets got it right almost as fast or even faster. [SCOTUSblog]

So very often, talent-hunting reality shows that start out looking for the Next Great Thing wind up looking for the Next Great Element Of The Same Reality Show That Found You In The First Place. If, in fact, there is any truth to the rumor that Adam Lambert may become a judge on American Idol, you will see what I mean. [The Hollywood Reporter]

If you're thinking director Christopher Nolan might have something to do with plans for a Justice League movie after he finishes up his Batman trilogy, you should know: He has no such plans, although he understands Batman won't die with his movies: "Batman will outlive us all," he says. []

The Amazing Spider-Man performed very well over its first six days, although you will hear from many corners that "very well" is not good enough, etc. etc. etc. [The New York Times]

I'm not sure how Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson will do in a cooking competition show together, but Deadline says that's the plan at ABC. [Deadline]

And finally: All of you who have been wildly anticipating a crossover between Glee and the Archie comics, finally, you have been heard. [AP]

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