Nashua Plow Drivers Ready For Snowfall

Feb 8, 2013

While most Nashua residents are hunkering down for this blockbuster storm, droves of city employees are out straight through the weekend.

In Nashua, crews have been prepping the roads since Friday morning and plan to plow until midday Sunday.

Director of Public Works Lisa Fauteux says the city is gearing up for an historic blizzard:

We have roughly 80 to 90 employees that will be out there clearing the streets with about 40 pieces of equipment. We probably have between 20 to 25 contractors that will also be helping us. It’s going to be a challenge. We’re expecting the snow to fall between one and two inches per hour. It’s very difficult to clear the streets when the snow is falling that quickly. And also, the duration of the storm makes it unique.

Fauteux urges drivers to get off the roads — not only for their own safety, but to clear the way for emergency vehicles.