Nashua Police Say Spike In Armed Robberies Tied To Drug Addiction

Sep 11, 2013

Alderman-at-Large Jim Donchess, left, listens as Nashua Police Chief John Seusing speaks with city officials about increases in crime.
Credit NHPR / Michael Brindley

Nashua police met with city officials last night to address an increase in some violent crimes this year.

Just this week, the city saw two more armed robberies, bringing this year’s total to 24.

Police Chief John Seusing says it’s the highest the city has seen in years.

“These robberies are being committed not because people need the money to pay their bills, not because they need the money to buy food for their family,” Suesing says. “They’re committing these robberies to feed their drug addiction.”

He told aldermen that, much like the 50 or so residents who came out to the meeting, police are growing frustrated, but says they are doing what they can.

Seusing says of the 24 armed robberies, 10 have been cleared.

He’s asking residents to report any suspicious behavior.

The city has also seen six homicides this year, which Seusing calls an exceptionally high number.

And there has been a recent uptick in commercial burglaries.

Seusing says police are meeting this week with downtown business owners to talk about ways to improve security.