New Hampshire One of Healthiest States In Nation

Dec 6, 2011

A new report shows New Hampshire is again among the healthiest states in the nation.

But health officials say there is still room for improvement.

The United Health Foundation’s report looked at a variety of health issues, including heart disease deaths, cancer rates, premature births and access to health insurance.

New Hampshire was ranked second healthiest, an improvement from third last year.

The state scored well because of its low percentage of children in poverty, low crime rate, and high use of prenatal care and immunizations.

But New Hampshire Public Health Director Doctor Jose Montero says the state is not doing well when it comes to chronic diseases.

“We cannot forget obesity and other conditions that are tied to it, such as diabetes, over the last several years we’ve seen this dramatic increase in obesity and now we see the consequences.”

A quarter of the state’s adult population is obese.

The report ranked Vermont the number one healthiest state in the nation.

For NHPR news I’m Amy Quinton.