Next week on the Exchange: Week of July 30th

Jul 27, 2012

Next week on the Exchange, we begin the week checking in on the local-turned national story of the Hepatitis C outbreak at Exeter Hospital. We’ll get the latest news and what we’ve learned from this fiasco. On Tuesday, we look at the land-grant university now 150 years old and at a crossroads. We'll look at where they go from here. On Wednesday, NHPR President and CEO Betsy Gardella takes your questions and comments. On Thursday, we look at this idea of 'adaptation'.  Many say that climate change has gotten to a point where we may not be able to stop it but rather 'adapt' to its effects.  And we end the week, with a look at teenage drivers. amid growing debate over whether tougher rules for teens would save many more lives.  E-mail us at NHPR dot org and join us all next week for the Exchange (each morning  at 9/and again at 8 p m) on NHPR!