In N.H., Carson Says He Will "Tone Down Rhetoric"

Jul 7, 2015

Like many of this years GOP presidential candidates, Dr. Ben Carson spoke at New Hampshire’s traditional Politics and Eggs series, which has been a must stop for White House hopefuls for almost two decades.

But unlike most of the fourteen candidates, the former neurosurgeon has zero political experience. That lack of political baggage is actually an advantage, he told his audience. 

Dr. Ben Carson told reporters he has made " the mental adjustment" to tone down rhetoric.
Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR

Speaking like a candidate, however,  is something he is trying to work on. Moving forward he said he plans to address issues such as gay marriage and immigration with less polarizing language.

In March, Carson was widely criticized for comments on homosexuality saying it was a choice by citing prisons as his evidence.

“I learned that several months ago to tone my rhetoric down, so people can actually hear what I am saying, because some people who just focus on the word and they can’t hear a word that you are saying,” he said Tuesday.

Carson also told the crowd he never saw himself running for president, but said with the state of the country today – he felt that he had to. “Everything that was supposed to get better is not only worse, it is much worse. And that is one of the reasons that I did feel that I needed to get into this, I wasn’t particularly excited about it,” he said.

Carson plans to stop in Barrington Tuesday evening as well as Concord, Laconia and Ashland on Wednesday.