In N.H., Pataki Takes Aim At Indiana Religious Freedom Law

Apr 2, 2015

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Republican George Pataki returned to N.H. Thursday.

The former New York Governor stumped in the North Country and announced a steering committee for what he describes as a likely presidential bid.

Pataki also took aim at Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law.

The law seeks to bar government actions that "substantially burden a person's exercise of religion,” and allows businesses to claim a right to free exercise of religion.

Civil rights groups say this opens the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Several likely GOP 2016 candidates, including Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, were quick to voice support for the law.

Pataki says that was wrong:

“I was the only one that was critical. Now I know some of the others are taking a look, and he fact that it’s probably going to be amended. But you know you shouldn’t have to do a poll. This is America and we want to treat people as equals and to me it’s that simple.”

Pataki has opened a campaign office in Manchester, and says he’ll return to N.H. twice before month’s end.