N.H. Retirement System Makes $900 Million In 2014

Sep 29, 2014

The past twenty years of pension fund returns.
Credit NHRS Data

  The New Hampshire Retirement System saw more than $900 million in investment returns added to its trust fund in the last fiscal year. That’s a return of 17.6%.

The state retirement system was holding $7.3 billion at the close of the 2014 fiscal year. That’s up from $6.5 billion in FY-2013.

Retirement system spokesman Marty Karlon says it’s exceeding its annual goals but the unfunded liability isn’t expected to be resolved until 2039.

“Right now we’re on a 30-year mortgage, if you will, to pay down the unfunded liability. And so these returns, while handy in the short term, aren’t going to have a significant impact on the funded ratio of the plan.”

The retirement system has about 50,000 active members and 30,000 pension recipients.