Northern Pass Foes Launch Petition Drive Seeking Hassan's Help

Mar 20, 2014

Northern Pass opponents are hoping a 7-year-old boy on YouTube will prompt people to sign a petition asking Gov. Hassan to fight harder against the project.

The YouTube video starts with the child, identified only as “Tucker,” listing his favorite trees.

It shows lovely scenery and then electric transmission towers appear.

Then comes the request to sign a petition to be sent to Gov. Hassan, applauding her “efforts to date” and asking her to tell Northern Pass that the lines must be buried or the project stopped.

Hassan can’t order Northern Pass to abandon the project.

And, it is hard to imagine a large corporation would do so at her request.

But Forest Society spokesman Jack Savage says there’s lots of political pressure on Hassan, who has been critical of the project.

“And, we want her to know that here in New Hampshire the people who vote for her, the people who reside here and care deeply about New Hampshire and its landscapes want her to stand up for our state.”

The Forest Society’s partner in the campaign is the Appalachian Mountain Club.

Northern Pass spokesman Michael Skelton said "the issue of securing our energy deserves a serious, fact based discussion. In light of the front page headlines yesterday that wholesale electricity prices increased 55% last year and ISO-New England’s statement that things will get worse before they get better, it’s unfortunate these organizations are ignoring the basic realities of the significant energy challenges facing our state and region."