Opponents Question Residency Of Likely GOP Governor Candidate

Apr 7, 2014

Walt Havenstein

Opponents continue to raise questions about whether a Republican expected to join the race for governor meets the state’s residency requirements.

Former BAE Systems chief Walt Havenstein is likely to make a formal announcement this week that he plans to challenge incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan this fall.

While Havenstein claims Alton as his home, NHPR’s Josh Rogers says opponents are raising red flags about his several years of residence in Maryland.

“In fact, from 2008 to 2011, he cited Maryland as his primary residence for state tax purposes. The move saved him about $5,000 and lowered his real estate transfer taxes. Democrats contend it also may mean that Havenstein shouldn’t be on the ballot because it calls into question whether he’s met the seven-year residency requirement.”

Rogers says Havenstein’s domicile for voting purposes will become crucial should the state’s ballot law commission get involved.

Havenstein has said he never voted in Maryland.

He would have to face off with Republican activist Andrew Hemingway in a primary, who has also called into question Havenstein’s eligibility.