Pittsfield Tries New Approach On Education / Investigating Energy Prices in N.H.

Apr 28, 2015

Audio for the full program:

In New Hampshire, Pittsfield schools have recently adopted an approach that flips the traditional model of teaching through student-led discussion and independent projects. We’re looking into how this working for Pittsfield.

  • Emily Richmond – public editor for the Education Writers Association. She is writing a four-part series about student-centered learning in Pittsfield, NH. Read parts one and two in the Hechinger Report.
  • Jenny Wellington - English teacher at Pittsfield Middle and High School.

Plus, the state Public Utilities Commission is launching an investigation into the state’s high electricity costs, hoping to determine the causes and outline solutions for New Hampshire rate payers.

  • Dave Solomon – reporter for the Union Leader and the New Hampshire Sunday News. Dave's recent article about the PUC investigation into N.H.'s volatile energy prices.