Pop Culture Happy Hour: Character Makeovers And Our Summer TV Quiz

Jun 1, 2012

This week's show starts with a discussion of characters we have seen reinvented over and over again: your Sherlock Holmes (no relation), your Robin Hood, your Spider-Man. Which Spidey is Mike Katzif's favorite? Which Robin Hood does Stephen think of first? How does this ping with Trey's experience of theater? How much do I love Josefina Gabrielle as Laurey in Oklahoma! even though I forgot to shout out her name? (Glen Weldon was on vacation this week and was celebrating the completion of the draft of his book, which we will continue babbling about until you all are subsumed! Not really.) This, take note, is a different spin on reinventions from our "sacred cows" show from earlier this spring. No cows, sacred or otherwise, were harmed.

By the way, you will also get to hear us discuss the hypothetical movie Robin Hood: Prince Of Tides, and If it's been a while since you've seen Daffy Duck as Robin Hood, by the way, please enjoy.

And if you've forgotten (or were not close to being born when you could have seen) the Electric Company Spider-Man, here's a peek.

Dr. Who! James Bond! Hamlet! Snow White! There are so many to talk about, and we'll get to ... not nearly all of them.

And then, we have a quiz. Specifically, we have our Weird Summer TV Quiz, which I lay on the fellas with no mercy. As you'll see, they outsmarted my question-writing some of the time — but not all of the time. Here's the photo that's referenced for Operation Cupcake. And here are the many fake shows I made up during press tour, including Batch Please.

Naturally, we close with what's making us happy this week. Stephen is happy about victories for one of his allies, Trey is happy about a smackdown and a Tempest that's coming, Mike is happy about a very fine television episodes, and I — as you know I would be — am happy about this.

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