Power To The People: As Sandy Approaches Sales of Generators Spike

Oct 29, 2012

Photo by Chris Jensen for NHPR

Warnings of Hurricane Sandy’s soggy-but-sure approach have meant a sudden boost in sales of portable generators in the North Country.

At the Home Depot and Lowe's in Littleton the cupboard is empty, well, the cupboard that used to hold portable generators.

Even though the North Country is expected to receive only a glancing blow from Sandy people worried about losing power began showing up at the stores on Friday.

By Saturday the Home Depot was sold out of its 20-or-so generators, said store manager Chris Howard.

 “There certainly have been a lot of customers coming in from a lot bigger area than we’re used to.”

The story was the same next door at Lowe’s.

Howard says the store is still getting plenty of calls from people searching for the now-scarce portable generator.

Sound of clerk asking did you find everything…..

And it has sold plenty of batteries, flashlights and water.