Public Universities Ponder Their Future

Dec 21, 2012

New Hampshire’s University system has faced huge cuts in recent years, a story repeated nationwide to the point where some suggest these institutions consider privatizing or loosening ties with government. Others argue though that public centers of higher learning are a vital public good. We’ll look at the debate here and new national research.


  • Richard Vedder – Author of a recent article for Bloomberg about funding for universities. He has also worked with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy on spending in public schools and is an economics professor at Ohio University.
  • Jay Kahn - Interim president at Keene State College, where he also served as Vice President for Finance and Planning for more than 24 years, handling such matters as facility and technology investments, as well as strategic planning regarding academic excellence, student success, institutional effectiveness and diversity goals.
  • Tom Horgan - President and CEO at New Hampshire College & University Council