Revisiting Voter ID

Apr 18, 2013

Today on The Exchange, revisiting New Hampshire's Voter ID laws. With stricter ID provisions ready to kick in at the polls this September, a new house bill looks to pull back on these requirements. Supporters cite disproportionate toll on certain groups of voters, such as minorities and the elderly, while opponents voice concerns about potential fraud. We're talking to both sides of this issue, taking place not only in the Granite State, but states across the country.


David Pierce – Democratic Senator from Etna, former member of House Election Law Committee, cosponsor of bill that would repeal the Voter ID laws

Shawn Jasper – Republican Representative from Hudson, member of the Election Law Committee, last session, he was a strong supporter of the new voter i.d. requirement.

We'll also talk to:

Dave Scanlan - Deputy Secretary of State, his office oversees election laws