Word of Mouth
2:42 pm
Tue August 7, 2012

From Scrubs to Songwriting

Here at Word of Mouth, we receive dozens of unsolicited albums each week to be reviewed for potential segments on the show. So what, you may ask, enticed me to pop David Friedenberg's newest album into my computer and give it a good long listen? It may have been the letter enclosed in the CD case, addressed to Laura Knoy, that suggested she might find this new and "more political" album interesting. It may have been the album art of "Death and Taxes" which features a bemused Friedenberg, sitting at his desk, presumably calculating taxes, unaware that an armed grim reaper is casually standing behind him. Either way, I am glad I did. As it turns out, David is more than just a musician, and it was his day job that truly took me by surprise...

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