Sen. Ayotte Calls For "Time Out" On Obamacare

Nov 4, 2013

As the Obama Administration scrambles to fix the website, New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte is weighing in on the issue.  

On CNN's “State of the Union” Sunday morning, Senator Ayotte joined numerous Republicans in calling for a delay in implementing Obamacare.  The GOP has pushed for delaying or repealing the law since it passed on a party line vote three years ago.  

“My constituents are writing me.  But how can I help them when it’s a situation of their getting cancelation notices because of the way that Obamacare is drafted?" Ayotte said.  "When they can’t access the website because it’s such a mess?  So absolutely, I want to help my constituents.  But again, I would say to the President, why doesn’t he call a time out on this, understanding that it’s not working right now?”

She said that time could be used to come up with a bipartisan fix.  Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen has called for a different kind of delay.  She’s pushing the White House to extend the insurance enrollment deadline in light of website issues.