Sen. Shaheen Calls On House To Pass Veterans Bill

Jul 14, 2014

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in Concord at an event where a group of veterans endorsed her re-election bid. She called on House lawmakers to pass a veterans bill.
Credit Michael Brindley / NHPR

A group of veterans gathered in Concord Monday to throw their support behind re-electing New Hampshire U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Several of the veterans endorsing the former New Hampshire governor pointed to her political experience in the Granite State.

Retired US Air Force Colonel Gail Prince of Bedford says Shaheen has been supporting veterans’ issues in New Hampshire going back to her time as a state Senator.

“She knows who to reach out to here in the state to get New Hampshire’s position, the people’s position, on an issue.”

During the event, Shaheen touted language she worked on with Senator Kelly Ayotte included in a bill that would give veterans vouchers for private health care if they can’t get it from a full-service VA hospital.

The bill passed the Senate, and Shaheen called on House lawmakers to take up the legislation.

“That will provide tremendous help for our veterans, many of whom have had to travel long distances to Vermont to White River Junction to Massachusetts.”

Republican Scott Brown, considered Shaheen’s most prominent opponent, has also said he would support giving veterans vouchers for private care.

He was scheduled to hold his own event Monday at Harbor Homes in Nashua to promote veterans issues.