Senate Votes To Table Minimum Wage Bill

Mar 7, 2013

The New Hampshire Senate on Thursday voted unanimously to table a plan to reinstate a state minimum wage at the same level as the federal wage of $7.25.

After the vote, Republican Jeb Bradley, the Senate’s majority leader,  said efforts to reinstate a state minimum wage, or raise it, as bills pending in the House would, would only kill off jobs.

"There is no question in my view that states that have higher minimum wage laws have higher unemployment."

Democrats says they agreed to table the bill because they expect the House to pass a minimum wage bill. And they say the Senate will debate the issue in earnest then.

But GOP leaders in the Senate say they will work to block any effort to reestablish a state minimum wage, which was first passed in 1949, but eliminated by Republicans two years ago, over a veto by Governor Lynch.