Several Surgeries Later, N.H. Family Injured In Marathon Blasts Coming Home

Apr 23, 2013

Ron and Karen Brassard are from Epsom. They are pictured here moments before the explosions at the Boston Marathon last week.
Credit Courtesy: Karen Brassard

An Epsom family injured in the Boston Marathon bombings expect to be able to return home Wednesday.

Ron Brassard needed three surgeries and a skin graft on his left leg to repair damage from the blast.

His wife Karen says he expects to be released from Tufts Medical Center on Wednesday.

“Where the injury was on his left leg, they also did the graft on this left leg, so it’s kind of isolated, the injuries are all isolated on the one leg, so that he does have his right leg to be able to support himself and be able to get around.”

Karen was released from Boston Medical Center late last week, following three surgeries on her right leg.

She is now able to walk short distances with the use of crutches or a cane.

The Brassard’s daughter Krystara, a student at Northeastern University, was also injured in the explosion.

She was treated for shrapnel wounds and released the next day.

Karen Brassard says the family will return home to Epsom once Ron is released.