Snow Hits North Country: "That's The Sound Of My Tomato Plants Dying"

May 25, 2013

By about 8 am Sunday in Bethlehem there was four inches of snow and it was still snowing. Photo by Chris Jensen
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

Nobody expected it to be balmy this Memorial Day weekend but parts of the North Country - such as Bethlehem - had about four inches of snow by 8 a.m. Sunday and it was still snowing only to taper off and end by 10 a.m.

PSNH reported about 2,100 customers in communities clustered around Littleton losing power.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

People leaving the movie at the Colonial Theatre in Bethlehem Saturday night were stunned to see several inches of snow.

Chris Jensen for NHPR

"It was May when we went into the movie. I don’t know what happened. Is it six months later?”

What happened was about two inches of snow and more coming down.

It was wet and heavy and trees covered with leaves were bending and breaking throughout the North Country.

Fire departments were out checking reports of downed trees and cars were off the road.

There was also some mourning over expected casualties.

One woman looked out and said “That is the sound of our tomato plants dying.”

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen

By 9:30 Saturday evening there was already about two inches of snow.
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR