State and LGC Want More Info

State regulators and attorneys representing the Local Government Center argued over sharing documents today.

The Local Government Center faces charges that it violated multiple state laws and owes cities and towns upwards of $110 million.

To date, the Local Government Center, or LGC, has produced nearly 12,000 documents for state regulators.

Charges against LGC include overcharging municipalities for health insurance.

But lawyers with the state Bureau of Securities Regulation are frustrated by redactions between LGC and its former attorney Robert Lloyd.

The Bureau’s Roy Tilsley says that information could be critical to the state’s case.

“Our concern is that we don’t want to get to a hearing and suddenly find out all of this redacted information is the basis for somebody’s defense. ”

LGC maintains any communication with their former lawyer is protected under attorney/client privilege.

The Local Government Center wants the state to handover any correspondence its had with outside parties, including the firefighter’s union.