State Government Reopens Wednesday; Executive Council Meeting Moved To Noon

Jan 28, 2015

Credit NHPR Staff

State government is set to reopen Wednesday, after shutting down Tuesday due to a blizzard that hit the Granite State.

An Executive Council meeting scheduled for this morning has been moved to noon.

In the House, committees are set to holding hearings on a number of bills, including one that would allow 17-year-olds who would be eligible to vote in a general election to cast a ballot in that election’s primary.

A hearing is also scheduled for a bill that would explore privatizing the state’s toll system.

And in the Senate, lawmakers will hear testimony on a bill that would lift the property tax exemption for the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

Under the bill, a dispensary would have to make a payment in lieu of taxes to the town or city in which it’s based.