State Hears Ideas For Launching Health Exchange

May 17, 2013

Health providers, small business owners and reform advocates attended a brainstorming session in Concord on Friday. State Insurance Department officials organized the event, seeking input on how best to implement the new health exchange in New Hampshire.

A range of ideas were offered, from social media campaigns to informational events at hardware stores to old-fashioned word of mouth. Participants stressed a need to reach all communities, including minority and non-English speaking groups, and to do so quickly.

Insurance Department Commissioner Roger Sevigny says he understands the need for an ‘anything and everything’ approach.

“We are missing the boat if we don’t work diligently to develop something and implement something that is best for the state of New Hampshire.”

But Sevigny cautions that he is limited by a lack of resources after a legislative body voted last month to delay $340,000 in grant money meant to help consumers understand the new health law.

The Department is set to release a formal plan for the rollout of the exchange on May 22nd.