State Officials Push For Medical Records Release Following Exeter Hospital Outbreak

Oct 2, 2012

State officials investigating the outbreak of Hepatitis C at Exeter Hospital continue pressing for access to patient medical records.

In August, the hospital went to court seeking a protective order, arguing that the Division of Public Health Services’ broad request for records violates both state and federal privacy laws.

Today, the state filed its response in Merrimack Superior Court. It says that healthcare providers are required to share information during a public health investigation.

Both Exeter Hospital and the state have requested an expedited hearing on the matter.

Former hospital employee David Kwiatkowski is accused of reusing needles at Exeter, infecting at least 32 patients with Hepatitis C.

Last week, in a separate investigation, Federal attorneys were granted a second extension as they seek a grand jury indictment of the suspect.  

Kwiatkowski denies the charges.