State Workers Urge Senate To Fund New Two-Year Labor Deal

Jun 1, 2015

Credit Allegra Boverman / NHPR

The head of the largest state employees union is urging the New Hampshire Senate to fund a new two-year labor deal with the state.

Neither the House budget nor the one approved by the Senate Finance Committee includes the $12 million dollar cost of the deal, which would give state employees 2 percent raises each of the next two years and better dental and life insurance benefits.

Without that funding, the current collective bargaining agreement would remain in place. State Employees Association president Richard Gulla says both workers AND New Hampshire government would lose out if that happened.

“Not only do we not see the cost of living increase, but there are other caveats in that collective bargaining tentative agreement that would also pass on savings to the state,” Gulla says.

The proposed changes in health care provisions could save the state $10 million over the course of two years.

Gulla says union members are calling Senators urging them to fund the agreement in the final version of the budget.