Suit Over Bruce McKay-Liko Kenney Shootings Dismissed

Mar 2, 2012

A federal district judge has dismissed a suit against the Town of Franconia over a double shooting that left Franconia police officer Bruce McKay and his assailant, Liko Kenney, dead. NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.


Almost five years ago a double shooting left Liko Kenney of Easton and Franconia police officer Bruce McKay dead.

McKay was shot by Kenney during a traffic stop.

Then, a passerby – Gregory Floyd – picked up McKay’s gun and killed Kenney.

Kenney’s father, David, later sued the town of Franconia in federal district court.

The suit argued Kenney’s Constitutional rights were violated during an unwarranted and improperly conducted traffic stop.

But earlier this week a federal judge granted Franconia’s motion for dismissal.

The judge said the facts of the case don’t show that McKay acted improperly given the circumstances.

David Kenney is still free, however, to go to state court and pursue a claim of negligence against the town.

However, he couldn’t be reached for comment.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen