Sununu to Commissioners: No New Hires Without My Approval

Jan 17, 2017

Due to what he says is a projected budget shortfall, Gov. Chris Sununu is calling on state commissioners to hold off on new hiring for the next six months. 

This announcement was sparked by recent financial figures showing that the state would finish out the fiscal year over budget if things don’t change.

That’s why on Tuesday, Sununu called on all state department heads to hold off on hiring and major equipment purchases until July, without prior approval from the governor's office.  

“Every dollar we spend in one part of our state, in one part of our government, we are not spending in another so it really takes a collective effort by all the departments,” Sununu told reporters at the State House.

But Sununu stressed that if jobs must be filled, such as vacancies at DCYF, that officials should bring those matters to his office.

A big part of the financial shortfall Sununu says comes from the Department of Health and Human Services who are projected to be over budget by $65 million, mostly because of  larger than expected Medicaid payments.

Senate leadership including Finance Chair Gary Daniels applauded Sununu's announcement, calling it the "right decision to manage the spending problem instead of immediately seeking greater appropriations from the Legislature."

Sununu will be presenting his version of the new state budget next month.