Top Stories: The Autism Simulator; Air Traffic Controllers May Be Forced To Make Career Change

Mar 25, 2013

Credit via Ars Technica

1. Word of Mouth: The Autism Simulator

Last month, Vancouver hosted the Hacking Health Weekend Hackathon, a place for collaboration between technology experts and health officials from across Canada. A team of three in attendance created a game simulation that elicits understanding and empathy towards those suffering from autism.

2. NH News: If Nashua Airport Tower Closes, Air Traffic Controllers May Be Forced To Make Career Change

Budget cuts from Sequestration will soon be felt by air traffic controllers across the country as the Federal Aviation Administration plans to close more than 230 control towers. Nashua’s airport is on that preliminary list and, if it closes for good, many air traffic controllers may need to find work in different fields.

Credit Logan Shannon / NHPR

3. Word of Mouth: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

The moniker, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper came to Mainer Aly Spaltro in a dream, and has been popping up on marquees up and down the East coast ever since. Not to mention online, where we read reviews of her captivating – almost spellbinding --  live performances and steady output of original, idiosyncratic music that we’re calling a mix between Feist and Nirvana.

Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

4. Education: As N.H. Drops GED, Students Urged To Complete Program

This week, New Hampshire became the third state in the country to announce it will no longer use GED Testing Services for its high school equivalency exams.

5. The Exchange: Diagnosing Depression

A recent article in the Concord Monitor outlines the often-hidden but serious problem of this mental illness. An estimated one-in-ten Americans have this disease and have to deal with not only the symptoms, but managing the health care system and the stigma around depression.

6. Health: Medicaid Overhaul Plan Hits A Road Block

It’s been three years since state lawmakers began touting managed care as the salvation of Medicaid. It took some convincing, but New Hampshire eventually did approve managed care last summer: the $2.2 billion contract is the largest in state history. But since then, implementation has gone off the rails, along with the proposed savings.

7. NH News: N.H. Towing Case Goes To U.S. Supreme Court

A Honda Civic and a towing company are the focus of a U.S. Supreme Court hearing set to begin Wednesday. New Hampshire resident Robert Pelkey sued Dan’s City Auto Body after they towed and traded his car without his consent or compensation. University of New Hampshire Law School professor, John Greabe, says the case is unusual.

Credit Sean Hurley, NHPR

8. NH News: Sugaring: The Sweetest Science

Maple Weekend began this past Saturday in New Hampshire, and that means Sugar Houses in the state are open to the public with boiling sap and sweet syrup to sample.  And syrup producers around the state say they are hoping for a strong season this year.

9. Education: ‘Blizzard Bags’ Yet To Catch On Among Most New Hampshire School Districts

A snow day isn’t what it used to be for some students in the Granite State. Many New Hampshire schools are adopting what are known as blizzard bag days. The concept has been popular among the schools that use it, but the program has yet to take off statewide.

10. All Things Considered: New Hampshire’s Aging Population Could Lead To ‘Natural Decrease’

There’s a term in demographic studies, “natural decrease” – it’s when a county has fewer births than it has deaths, and it’s happening in parts of New Hampshire.