Top Stories: Private Space Rocket To Dock; Egypt Faces Possible Runoff Vote

May 25, 2012

Happy Friday! Here are some of the stories we're looking at:

Live: Space X Craft Approaching Space Station For Docking Attempt.

Egypt May Be Headed To Runoff Between Islamist And Former Mubarek Aide.

Hurricane Bud Expected To Make Landfall Tonight On Mexico's Pacific Coast; Tropical Storm Beryl May Form This Weekend Off Florida's Atlantic Coast. (NHC)

Suspect In New York Child's Disappearance May Soon Make First Court Appearance. (CNN)

Jurors In Edwards Corruption Trial Will Review More Evidence, Start Sixth Day Of Deliberations. (Los Angeles Times)

Norwegian Accused Mass Shooter Says He Won't Appeal A Guilty Verdict As Long As Court Finds Him Sane. (BBC)

Italian Doctors Use Tiny Artificial Heart To Save Baby's Life. (Reuters)

Few Answers In Russian Jet Crash Prompt Conspiracy Rumors. (Christian Science Monitor)

Fistfight In Ukrainian Parliament Won't Lead to Quick End Of Session. (Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty)

Kayaker Takes On 189-Foot Waterfall In Washington State - And Lives. (ABC)

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