Voting And The Cycle Of Poverty

Jan 15, 2014

Behind the numbers are the experiences of America's poor, which, more often than not, go unheard. This divide is the problem that N.H. writer and activist Dan Weeks addressed in the project he undertook last year, to travel around some of the poorest areas of the country by bus and see poverty close up, as well as the ways that it intertwines with a lack of political voice. Today we'll talk with him about the series of articles he wrote for The Atlantic on his trip and what he saw.

Credit Wendy Longo photography / Flickr Creative Commons


  • Daniel Weeks – wrote a series of articles last week addressing poverty and democracy for The Atlantic, as fellow at Harvard University’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics. His research on poverty and democracy is also supported by the Carsey Institute at UNH (publication forthcoming). Dan Weeks works at City Year on education in low-income communities.

*You can find all the articles in the series here.