Want to Change Party Registration for the State Primary? Tuesday's Your Last Chance

May 30, 2016

A moderator tabulates voters in Bedford.
Credit Casey McDermott

 The Secretary of State, the Attorney General and certainly the clerk who’ll be running your polling place in September, want you to be sure you’ve registered with the party you want—or as undeclared—by Tuesday. So if you’re registered as a Republican but want to change to undeclared—or you’re registered as a Democrat but want to vote as a Republican this time around—this is your last chance.

And on Wednesday, filing period opens up for candidates running for state office—those folks need to be registered as voters of their party of choice by Tuesday too.

New Hampshire had nearly 917 thousand registered voters, at last count in April—the biggest share of those are undeclared voters, at 38 percent. 32 percent were Republican, 30 percent Democrat.

The state primary will take place on September 13.