We're on a break...

Jun 29, 2012

Word of Mouth will be back on the air with a live show on Tuesday, July 9th. In the meantime enjoy these special programs from our archives. 

Saturday, June 30th: A rebroadcast of Word of Mouth from April 28th, 2012.

Monday, July 2: A rebroadcast of Writers on a New England Stage with Erik Larson.

Tuesday, July 3: A rebroadcast of Writers on a New England Stage with David McCullough.

Wednesday, July 4th: Special Holiday Program

Thursday, July 5th: Writers on a New England Stage with Ben Mezrich.

Saturday, July 7th: NEW! Writers on a New England Stage with Joan Didion.

Monday, July 9th: Rebroadcast Writers on a New England Stage with Joan Didion.

Enjoy the holiday! -Virginia, Taylor, and Rebecca