Whistleblowers, Veterans Criticize VA Bureaucracy

Jul 31, 2017

Complaints about obstructive bureaucracy in the Veterans Health Administration dominated a discussion Monday afternoon between veterans and doctors who blew the whistle on problems at the Manchester VA.

The Boston Globe first reported on complaints lodged by doctors that the Manchester VA was allowing unsanitary conditions and delaying care for veterans with certain spine conditions, leaving some permanently paralyzed.

At the meeting, several veterans and doctors shared their experiences with administrators at the hospital, saying those administrators were more concerned with costs than the needs of patients.

Dr. Ed Kois is head of the Manchester VA's spine and pain clinic and one of the whistleblowers. He says the Manchester VA can improve.

"We love the VA and we love Manchester and we love our vets. It's a great place. It would be a great place to start again. It would be a great place to use as a beta site or to use as a test case for how the VA should be run."

Kois and several other whistleblowers are scheduled to meet with VA Secretary David Shulkin on Friday, during his planned visit to New Hampshire.