Granite Geek
5:01 pm
Tue March 18, 2014

Why Bitcoin Fascinates New Hampshire Geeks

Look! Shiny (virtual) coins!
Look! Shiny (virtual) coins!
Credit antanacoins via Flickr/CC -

Describing the virtual currency Bitcoin can be challenging. Sometimes the more questions you ask, the more complicated it sounds.

This week’s Science Café discussion in Nashua is trying to clear up some of the confusion. It’s called “Bitcoin: What the heck is it?” and its host is David Brooks. He writes the weekly Granite Geek science column for the Nashua Telegraph and, and joins All Things Considered most Tuesdays to discuss science and technology in New Hampshire.

Brooks tells NHPR’s Brady Carlson about Bitcoin's functions beyond being a virtual currency, why the concept pushes some of New Hampshire's tech/geek buttons, and why Bitcoin's founder might choose to stay anonymous for the time being.

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