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This week, NHPR's Amanda Loder is reporting a series of stories on New Hampshire's emerging app development economy. (What's that, you ask? Check out our app explainer here.)

Gun Enthusiasts Key To N.H. App Developer's Success

Oct 11, 2013
Amanda Loder / NHPR

Today, we wrap up our series The Download on New Hampshire’s App Economy with the profile of an independent developer.  In some ways, it’s a classic story: he left his full-time job to work on his program at home in Derry.  But  he’s anything but a stereotypical computer geek.

Josh Bancroft / Flickr Creative Commons

In the course of reporting this series, I spoke to very few women who were working with mobile apps.  It wasn’t for lack of trying.  This gender gap isn’t unusual in computer science in general.  And it isn’t confined to New Hampshire. 

Amanda Loder / NHPR

This week we’re looking at New Hampshire’s developing mobile app economy.  Although it’s nowhere on the scale of manufacturing or tourism, it’s gaining in popularity—and importance.  But how do we educate this new workforce?  Today, we talk with professors and students about how they see themselves fitting into the mobile app economy.

Sara Plourde / NHPR

Some of our nation's hotspots for app development are fairly predictable - Seattle, San Francisco - but others will surprise you. North Carolina? New Jersey? Nashua, New Hampshire?

While the smaller markets on the list do have lower numbers of people employed in the field, their concentration in the overall job market is greater, giving them a higher "location quotient" - in other words, these are the areas most saturated with app developers.

Amanda Loder / NHPR

  Over the past three years, smartphone ownership has increased dramatically.  Seeing this trend, entrepreneurs have sensed the strong demand for the mobile apps that make smartphones so popular.  As part of our week long series "The Download on New Hampshire's App Economy," today we introduce you to some Granite Staters who are gambling on startup success…and the challenges they face.

Sara Plourde / NHPR

This week,  we're getting to the bottom of the growing app development economy in New Hampshire. So, who's using smartphones and mobile apps, and how many? And the people that make apps, what do they do? This infographic provides a snapshot of the U.S. application picture.

N.H. A Surprising Hotspot For Making Mobile Apps

Oct 7, 2013
Amanda Loder / NHPR

More than half of all Americans own a smartphone.  The explosion of this technology over the past few years has created a rapidly growing job sector in designing and developing smartphone apps.  This week, we launch our series "The Download on New Hampshire's App Economy." looking at how this industry is growing and changing in the state.  We begin with an introduction to the world of mobile app development.