Two women are suing a groom and the event company that ran his wedding reception after they allege he flew a drone that hit them in the head at the New Hampshire event. Kneena Ellis, of Seabrook, and Kelly Eaton of Peabody, Massachusetts, claim in their Dec. 1 suit that they suffered permanent physical and emotional injury as a result of the Aug. 8 incident. The suit says Barry Billcliff had flown the drone to take pictures at his wedding reception at Searles Castle in Windham. It says the...

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There’s a new wrinkle in the universal law: "What goes up, must come down." As attempts to regulate drones grow, a new arms race is afoot to develop technology that can land or destroy non-compliant or wayward drones. And whether it's attending a rally with a parent, or absorbed through TV commercials and yard signs, kids get exposed to the unseemly side of American politics. So, how and when, should parents encourage, shape, or inform civic engagement? A teacher and a blogger weigh in on how to navigate the murky waters of this election cycle.

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This week lawmakers will have their final say on dozens of bills still left over from this year's legislative session. Wednesday is the last chance any bills have of making it to the Governor’s desk this year.

N.H. Debates Drones

Apr 12, 2016
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New Hampshire is among many states attempting to navigate the brave new world of these unmanned flying machines, addressing privacy and safety concerns. Meanwhile, the federal government could swoop in and make all these measures moot as lawmakers on Capitol Hill consider legislation that would allow the FAA to trump state laws.

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Although the Senate is the only chamber meeting in full this week both bodies have a long list of public hearings to get through.


A bill to regulate the use of drones in New Hampshire cleared a major hurdle Wednesday in the House. Despite receiving a negative recommendation from the House Criminal Justice Committee, the bill overwhelmingly passed the House 250 to 114 and now heads to the Senate.

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On the Political Front is our weekly check-in with NHPR's Senior Political Reporter Josh Rogers.

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Approximately one billion parking spots are scattered around the United States. That's about four times as many spaces as cars. Still, drivers waste hours and gallons of gas searching for free spots. On today’s show we imagine a future without parking. Plus, #WheresRey? A dubious decision to bet against female action figures leads to an online backlash against toy companies.

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The New Hampshire House wrapped up its second day of the new legislative session Thursday after voting on dozens of bills and even hosting a few GOP presidential candidates. Former Governor of Virginia Jim Gilmore was the first candidate to join the House as part of a month-long series leading up to the presidential primary on February 9.

8.03.15: Drones, Autopsies, & Let's Be Less Stupid

Aug 3, 2015
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Drone war proponents say that unmanned aircraft save American lives -- but what's life like for drone operators? On today's show, a look at drone fatigue. Then, brain fitness. Does taking fish oil, and playing brain fitness video games actually help with memory loss? And finally, a forensic turn! Autopsies are pretty cool, but Hollywood may have them all wrong.

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At a hearing Thursday, officials from New Hampshire Fish & Game will propose new rules banning drones, smart rifles, and live-action game cameras in hunting. Officials are trying to regulate these so-called emerging technologies, saying they’re not appropriate or ethical. New Hampshire is not the first state to tackle this issue. Kristen Schmitt is an outdoor journalist who writes about hunting, wildlife and agriculture, and has written about this topic. She joins Morning Edition to talk...

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Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, have been keeping government officials busy lately. They’re wrestling with a range of questions on whether any potential uses of drone technology may pose any problems. Recently the National Park Service has issued a ban on drones in national park areas . It’s a temporary ban - the service says it’s looking at a set of permanent rules that might allow some UAV use in the future – but that ruling is an opportunity for US to take a look at where...

3.5.14: Drone Show!

Mar 5, 2014
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Today on Word of Mouth, we're all about drones! From the word itself to its real world applications, we're exploring military, model, and musical drones. Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

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Nashua is in the midst of a downtown branding campaign, with the slogan “Dare To Begin” and an eye-catching video showing some of the district’s most prominent features from above, courtesy of a camera mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicles, or a drone. The catch is, the system used to make the video does not appear to have had license from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly . The rise in small, inexpensive drone aircraft is leading to many new commercial possibilities, from real...

Could Drones Help Protect Apple Orchards From Disease?

Nov 14, 2013
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One of the challenges apple growers face is a fungal disease known as apple scab. New research at the University of New Hampshire might yield a better approach to preventing its spread – an approach, by the way, that includes the use of special imaging cameras mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles , also known as UAV’s or drones.
Dr. Kirk Broders is assistant professor of plant pathology at UNH. He tells All Things Considered host Brady Carlson that while apple scab doesn't affect flavor...

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A full decade into the drone war in the Middle East, we’re still asking questions: what does an unmanned military mean for the future of warfare? Who chooses who lives and who dies? What does it mean to pull the trigger on a target half a world away? And what is like being a veteran of the drone war? Matthew Power is a freelance print and radio journalist and a contributor to GQ Magazine , where he wrote a profile of former drone operator and Airman First Class Brandon Bryant.

House Tables Bill To Limit Drone Use In N.H.

Mar 27, 2013

New Hampshire's House wants more time to consider whether drones should be allowed to spy on or launch attacks on its citizens.

We look into a Tumblr account that lends perspective to the drone war by using Google Earth. Joining us is blogger and artist James Bridle, creator of Dronestragram .

The Drone War Meets The Jersey Shore

Jun 18, 2012
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For U.S. defense officials, knowledge is power. Its clear, in-depth and actionable intelligence that makes the difference in keeping the country safe. So officials at the pentagon and in homeland security are gathering huge amounts of raw data. And who, who can help them sort through thousands of hours of video to find and stop these existential threats? Most of us dont associate the cast of Jersey Shore with U.S. Military drone operators, but faced with an increasing amount of raw data to...

Mount Washington may bill itself as having the worst weather in the world, but on a clear day, you can stand at the summit and see a whole lot - miles and miles into the distance. The US military apparently agrees. According to a report from Wired Magazine , the Department of Defense has a base for drone aircraft on or near Mount Washington. Its one of 64 such bases across the country . Noah Schactman is editor of Wireds Danger Room blog , which covers technology and national security. He...

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Produced by Jonathan Lynch Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you? Well, you may want to get used to it. While the US government has been putting un-manned drones to heavy use in war zones in recent years, the flying robots will soon be soaring American skies. Last week, the Electronic Freedom Foundation disclosed a list of agencies that have been granted permission to use drones over American soil, including universities, federal agencies, and even local police departments. Here...