The Exchange
9:00 am
Wed March 11, 2015

Anthem Breach & Cybersecurity: What Granite Staters Need To Know

Credit CyberHades / Flicker/CC

A recent breach at insurance giant Anthem compromised the personal information of as many as eighty million Americans including more than six hundred thousand granite-staters. It was just the latest hacking attack of a major company, following Home Depot and Target. We’ll look at why this keeps happening and what protections show promise.


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Word of Mouth
1:03 pm
Tue February 17, 2015

2.17.15: Why The American Outdoors Is So White, An Online Resource For Hackers, & Uncommon Core

Mount Gould and a View to the Continental Divide (Glacier National Park)
Credit Mark Stevens via flickr Creative Commons / flic.kr/p/oWwRHM

According to a report from the National Park Service only 7% of annual park visitors are African American. On today’s show, we delve into environmental history and cultural studies to find out why the story of the American outdoors is so white.

Then, environmentalists have taken many tacks to get people to be “greener”: the doomsday approach, education, shame. Now new research suggests another way to increase green behaviors: a salary. Why paying people an hourly wage decreases environmentally-friendly behaviors.

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Word of Mouth - Segment
11:59 am
Mon April 2, 2012

The games terrorists play...

(Photo by Eleventh Earl of Mar via Flickr)

A branch of the military is taking a new tack in intelligence gathering…video games. The US Navy has contracted a private firm to buy up used gaming consoles  - mostly in foreign markets  to extract sensitive data on gamers. Jacob Aron wrote about the new strategy for New Scientist.  

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