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Surgeons want to avoid nicking a nerve while operating, for obvious reasons. (It gets on their nerves, you see. No pun intended.) They use a system called electromyography, which highlights most of the big nerves, but it sometimes misses smaller ones. Now there's a fluorescent goo that makes even the small nerves light up and show themselves in true psychedelic fashion

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For my money, the space object with the coolest name of all is the Whipple Bumper. It protects the International Space Station against squeezing the Charmin, and against damage from space debris.

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Cows and horses, you may finally have some relief from all those insects. A new report says a catnip oil-based repellant can keep 99 percent of bugs away... for three hours, at least. (The researchers are looking for a way to make the treatment last longer.)

In the Twitterverse it's not enough to find just the right word - with only 140 characters, you have to find just the right short word. As its name suggests, Thsrs is a site that'll help you swap out a word that's, um, protracted, with a shorter one.

And no, Thsrs doesn't give a three letter word for antidisestablishmentarianism, but I wouldn't hold that against it.  [Presurfer]

Groupon – Well that didn’t go well. Groupon’s ads were apparently intended to poke fun at celebrities taking on causes, or something, but they came off as convoluted bordering on offensive and there was a huge backlash on Twitter. The goal here was to introduce Groupon to the mainstream, and unfortunately it’s not the best first impression they could have made.

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If I've learned one thing in taking CPR classes, it's that time is everything in an emergency. The sooner you can start CPR or get help for someone, the better their chances of a happy ending.

It's a Ghost Ball!

Jan 28, 2011

This one in a million shot at the mini-putt course is pretty awesome. 

The running around and screaming after the shot? Not quite so much. [Have You Seen This?]

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Ever seen a little bit of water sizzle around a hot pan? That's what's going on in this video, only at 3000 frames per second it looks more gorgeous than sizzly. Any slower and it would look like Rover, the nefarious weather balloon from TV's "The Prisoner."

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Man, what in the world is happening down in St. Cloud, Minnesota? I don't have a clue! Let's check it out! 

Lionel Richie references aside, what's happening in St. Cloud is a test of a system in which LED ceiling lights provide wireless web access. Most current wireless systems use radio waves, so light waves aren't much of a stretch - the system flickers at a rate that's too fast for the human eye to notice, and the transfer speeds are comparable to DSL

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If ever there was a reason for noise-canceling headphones, dental drills might be it. A prototype dental-noise-canceling device piggybacks onto your MP3 player and headphones, blocking out the high-pitched drill and dental noises while letting the dentist's voice through.

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Beanbag chairs on the moon? Not quite. But a group at McGill University is using the squishy seats as inspiration for a new kind of wheel for moon rovers

Not So Awesome!

Jan 12, 2011

Four trends to keep a nervous eye on in the new year.

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Not every office can go completely paperless - so why not make each piece of paper go a little farther? The Eco Printer works like any other printer, except it uses ink that "disappears" after being run under a UV erasing system. And then you can print on that same sheet of paper again And again. And again.

Today is a Good Day to FlyBy Brady Carlson on Friday, January 07, 2011

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A radio station in a box! This invention from two Canadians puts everything you need for a broadcast, from microphones to transmitting equipment, into one 40 pound container. And it broadcasts for over 18 miles, too, so it's got a bit more range than, say, Mister Microphone.

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You may or may not want to hear this innovative little piece, depending on how your investments did last year, but CNNMoney has set the ups and downs of last year's stock market to music.