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Staff Picks: What We're "Gobbling" Up This November

Nov 18, 2015

David Bowie Is Waiting: The above David Bowie gif was submitted for Staff Picks without comment by Maureen, our fearless leader, though not before she sent it around to ask about assignment updates. 

Staff Picks: Firing on All Cylinders, 10.18.15

Oct 16, 2015

"An Actual Duck": I've always found store bought costumes to be a bit lacking in creativity, yes, I am a costume snob. I went to art school, it's a prerequisite. But I think I would applaud loudly if I saw any of these posters in the pop-up Halloween costume shop. If I ever went to those places... - Logan

Staff Picks: Welcome to October!

Oct 2, 2015

Ballet of Fall: See above (there's also more where that came from). You're welcome. 

"Became Unconscious From Squeezing": So, this story was later disproved but imagine if it was true? What is the truth, really, when it comes to urban legends about raccoons? Anyway, happy October!

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The Word of Mouth team shares some of their favorite finds from the past week that didn't quite make it to air...

Staff Picks: Our Fave Finds Of The Week 9.18.15

Sep 18, 2015
Logan Shannon for NHPR

The Word of Mouth team shares some of their favorite finds from the past week that didn't quite make it to air...

Album Cover of the Fall: It's not quite the same category as Song of the Fall, but we fell in love with the album cover for Jethro Tull's Songs From the Wood. The fire doesn't look very safe (where's his perimeter circle?) but doesn't it make you want to drink something pumpkin spice and get your Blair Witch Project on? - Molly

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Word Of Mouth's Official Condiment Questionnaire

Jan 6, 2015
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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who submitted answers to our questionnaire. We'll leave it up in case some of you haven't had a chance to submit. Here's a link to the answers we've received so far: Questionnaire Results.

Overview of Results: These don't include the results of our panel.

Ketchup: Heinz or Hunts?

Word Of Mouth Voted Best N.H. Radio Talk Show

Jun 26, 2014

We are so proud to have been voted Best New Hampshire Radio Talk Show by the readers of New Hampshire Magazine.

Six years after launching Word of Mouth, we still feel like upstarts and appreciate our listeners coming through. Thank you!  It's pleasure to bring you stories that spark curiosity and wonder about the world around us, and will continue spreading interesting information the best way we know how: through Word of Mouth.

And not only was Word of Mouth voted Best New Hampshire Radio Talk Show, but NHPR was voted Best FM Radio Station!

With all that in mind, here is a look back at some of your favorite Word of Mouth stories from the past year.

Logan Shannon

We have great news! Yesterday’s story about Zach Nugent leaving Word of Mouth to join Disney on Ice was a silly April Fools joke. Ok, maybe it wasn’t our best April Fool’s gag; Zach as a figure skater??? (Well, it’s not THAT far-fetched, Zach is a consummate athlete and we’re fairly certain, that with a little practice he would probably make a half-decent skating fish.)

There’s a long history of April Fool’s radio pranks and we wanted to look back on some of our favorites. In no particular order:


Apr 16, 2012

     When I first heard mention of Thunderdome, I envisioned something akin to the dirt bike, leather grunge, chain saw welding antics of George Miller’s 1985 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. While this mind blowing philosophical post-apocalyptic thriller, left me reeling with deep introspective questions about myself and society at large, the most poignant of these being “what can truly be, beyond Thunderdome?” Perhaps more Thunderdome? Are we all beyond Thunderdome? Who knows, but it’s a question that we all must ask ourselves.

The Life and Times of a Post College

Dec 12, 2011
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The Life and Times of a Post College

The First Week of Interning at NHPR’s Word of Mouth

By Ryan Edward Brown