Word of Mouth
1:20 pm
Tue February 4, 2014

2.4.14: Ancient Emotion, Graham Cracker, Netflix Documentaries, And Doug Elkins

Credit oskay, Frank M, Rafik, and dolphinsdock via flickr Creative Commons

Guess what. (What?!). You got the better of Monday. Reward yourself with a healthy dose of Word of Mouth. Today, we're looking at mental illness in our ancient ancestors, the prudish beginnings of the graham cracker (minus the chocolate and marshmallow), Netflix documentaries, and the choreography of Doug Elkins. Dance your heart out, relax with Netflix, and replenish with a s'more. Just steer clear of the ancient hallucination-inducing furies. Listen to the full show and scroll down for more on each segment.

2.4.14: Ancient Emotion, Graham Cracker, Netflix Documentaries, and Doug Elkins

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Word of Mouth - Segment
11:23 am
Thu March 8, 2012

Superhero Gadgets for the Rest of Us

Click Here for an awesome slide show of some amazing superhero stuff!
Photo by Bloke_with_camera, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Superheroes are heavy on the summer blockbuster schedule. A reunion of Marvel Comics “The Avengers” hits theaters in May, followed by the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. In July, we get a reboot of the Spiderman epic. The new film adaptations promise new gadgets and CGI effects to stir moviegoers fantasies of and aspirations of superpowers. 

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