Karine Polwart

Song/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'/ Taylor, James/ Other Covers / Hear Music

Forget Me Not/ Anne Hills/ Angle Of The Light/ Collective Works

Talkin' Bout A Revolution/ Various Artists/ Playing for Change: Songs Around the World/ Hear Music

Box of Rain/ Sloan Wainwright/ Sloan Wainwright/ Waterbug Records

Zion / Village Harmony/ Best Of Village Harmony 2007-2008 / Village Harmony

Just Passiin' Through/ Tammy Fassaert/ Tammy Fassaert/ Strictly Country Records

Song/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Image Of Me/ New Country Rehab/ Ghost of Your Charms/ Kelp Records

Bash/ Akira Otsuka/ First Tear/ Patuxent Music

Festival Night/ Mustard's Retreat/ The Wind and the Crickets/ Palmetto Records

John Keane's Boys/ Laura Smith/ Everything Is Moving/ Borealis

Payday At The Mill/ Alice Gerrard/ Bittersweet/ Spruce and Maple Music

Sweet South Anna River/ Alice Gerrard/ Bittersweet/ Spruce and Maple Music

Everything Is Bigger In Alaska/ Si Kahn/ Bristol Bay/ Strictly Country