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Concord authorities say the city is experiencing an alarming spike in methamphetamine use.

Sgt. Marc McGonagle, with the police's drug unit, tells The Concord Monitor that since January, undercover police have made at least 19 separate purchases of the narcotic.

He says the unit only made one undercover meth buy between 2003 and 2007.

McGonagle says most of the meth buys have involved people in their 30s and older.

He says that the drug is probably coming from local sources— people who are cooking it using over-the-counter ingredients.

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The number of meth labs found in the New Hampshire is growing faster than in neighboring states. Last year authorities have found more than a dozen meth labs, or lab material dump sites. But law enforcement and health policymakers are looking at what lessons New Hampshire can learn from other states that have already battled meth.


Breaking Bad follows a high school science teacher who cooks up meth with a former student, kicking off a fast slide into murder, extortion and unsavory partnerships as a bona fide drug lord. Too crazy to be true…right? Well, maybe not. In 2011, police in California arrested Stephen Kinzey; professor by day, outlaw biker and meth distributor by night. Kinzey has been out on bail since his initial arrest. The preliminary hearing to determine whether or not the case against him is strong enough to go to trial was scheduled for June, it’s since been delayed.

Natasha Vargas-Cooper wrote about the real-life Walter White for BuzzFeed, and took the time to talk with us. She’s also a frequent contributor to The Atlantic, and The New York Times among others.