Snow Removal

Five-Story Snow Piles Cover Peirce Island

Feb 24, 2015

The city of Portsmouth has been hauling snow from town and dumping it on Peirce Island, just across from the Naval Shipyard. But now, Public Works Director Peter Rice says the island is filling up. 

 Everything but the road is covered in mountains of snow on Peirce Island.    At the very end of the road, a snow pile towers two or three stories high.  If you peer over the hill to the park below – you see the pile doubles in size.

“This is unprecedented. We’ve never seen this before, like this. This has been amazing,” Lister revels.

Derrick Coetzee / Flickr CC

  After a week jam-packed with winter-weather, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation says it’s eating its way through the snow removal budget for the year. The winter is only 65 percent finished, but the snow removal budget is already 80 percent gone.

“So $42 million dollar budget we’d spent $33 million dollars,” says DOT spokesman Bill Boynton, who notes that the legislature’s fiscal committee has already given the DOT a $2.25 million dollar transfer from the highway fund. “We’ll probably have to go back for more before we’re done this winter,” Boynton speculates.